Photography workshops

There is a workshop available to suit everyones interest, whether is it's visiting the Derbyshire Peak District for waterfalls & landscapes or highland cows and other wildlife. Packages start at £49.99. See upcoming workshops for dates available or contact 

Enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors and the English countryside? Come enjoy a day out in the stunning Derbyshire Peak District taking photo's of the amazing landscapes Derbyshire has to offer, locations depend on the weather, locations include Baslow, Curbar and Froggatt edge, Monsal Head, Mam Tor and the great ridge with many more to enjoy.


If waterfalls and moving water is an interest, there's workshops available learning how to capture long exposure shots (Trip is a must) be prepared to get in the streams and rivers of the  to capture the best shots from the best angles, locations include Lumsdale falls, Padley Gorge and one secret location that's got the best waterfall in the Peak District. Filters can be provided on the day to enhance your capture.


If you have a love for sunrises, sunsets & cloud inversions this is most certainly the workshop for you. May and September offer some of the best sunrises and cloud inversions as we head to set up in locations like Baslow edge looking over Derbyshires stunning Chatsworth house, sunrise from Mam Tor over Castleton has got to be one of every photographers bucket list. Sunrise and Sunset workshops run all year round weather permitting.


Now for the wildlife lovers, this is my favourite workshop, photographing owls isn't easy but the little owls like to show off during the day, the beautiful highland cows are just so majestic, I have cushions and canvases all over my home of my own photography of these beauties and you can too. There are two locations where we can adventure out too, one is very popular and the other is totally unexplored and this is where we can get close to these beauties. The wild deer on big more are absolutely amazing to photograph, the stags are just stunning, standing so tall and proud.


Just before the Autumn arrives it's time to head over to Lincolnshire for fast jets and the home of the BBMF. Enjoy a day out learning the best settings to photograph fast moving RAF Typhoon jets, RAF Coningsby is home to the Eurofighter Typhoon the Uks fastest fighter plane with a top speed of 1320mph & this is a great opportunity to capture our very own future top gun pilots in practice. Also home to the battle of Britain memorial flight, during display season you could be photographing our only surviving Landcaster bomber, one of the 6 spitfires or one of the 2 Hurricanes as they either practice for events or take off to attend public events.


During autumn, one of the last workshops running before winter and snow workshops is the rutting season, this is the season the stags fight between themselves, full of testosterone to win over the female deer for the breeding season. Although seeing the Deers rutting can't be guarantee capturing the red Deers with the antlers locked each workshop is ran throughout October, rutting season starts in September lasting until early November.


The last Workshop of the year is one for the weather enthusiasts, as the snow covers the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District, it's time to put on the snow tyres and head for the highest parts of our beautiful region, time to capture the beautiful snow covered hillside around Monsal dale and the wye valley that's recently aired on BBC Countryfile. Also the owls that become less camouflaged in the barn windows near Castleton and the stunning Red Deers on Big Moore with snow on their antlers. This workshop ends with a trip into the beautiful Padley gorge and Burbage brook for some long exposure moving water photography.


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